Philadelphia Eagles Playbook in Madden NFL 25!

The Philadelphia Eagles have moved on from Andy Reid, who takes his “Virgin Gaming” winning playbook to Kansas City, and replaces him with Chip Kelly, who used to light up the scoreboard as a college coach in Oregon. Kelly plays with a fast paced style that would make even the New England Patriots’ high-speed attack jealous.

Kelly is known for a spread option scheme that is more reliant on the run game than most spread schemes. He would recruit great athletes who could get to the edge against any defense in college.

In the NFL, everyone has speed, but Kelly still has quite a bit with McCoy, Vick, and Desean Jackson being some of the fastest in the league at their positions. This is the first time some of these plays have made their way to Madden, and it was great to try them out at E3!

Sample New Plays: 

Dart Read Option
Midline Read Option
Shark HB Wheel
Buck Sweep/Buck Sweep Read Option
Speed Option
0 1 Trap
Inside Zone Split

MaddenTips Contributor and EA SPORTS Game Changer Zan has broken down a video of the playbook on his youtube page.

ZFarls uses the Eagles playbook vs. SGibs at E3.

Let us know what team’s playbook has you most excited in Madden NFL 25!

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