Play to Win or for Loyality in Madden NFL 13?

Calhoun Count from the MaddenTips Forums started an interesting thread about how we all play Madden NFL 13. Do you play with with a team that gives you the best chance to win? Or do you play with the team that you are loyal to?

It got me thinking – why do we play with teams outside of our FAVORITE teams? On the outside I personally believe that most people play to win but if we dug a bit deeper you would find that more guys might prefer using the team that they cheer for on Sundays.

What makes us go to the dark side and abandon our home town teams? I think theres 5 reasons for this…

5. Competitive Nature – most strive to be the best and that carries over, even into a video game

4. Rivalries – when I match up against Zfarls its like the super bowl every game. It almost means more then a game on Virgin Gaming.

3. Pride – I list pride not because people choose the best teams because of pride, I think its because there is a lack of pride which allows them to use teams outside of there favorite. I very well could be wrong here, but I even showed a lack of pride by not using the New England Patriots all season long last year.

2. Fear – Fear is a big one for me. I think that the fear of losing is what hits us the hardest. If we are playing a game on national live internet – we can’t lose.

1. If you ain’t first, your last – when all is said and done, the thrill of victory makes us choose teams that aren’t our favorites. Thats what once again in 2012 I will be using a team outside of the Patriots.

How about you? Do you play to WIN or Ride or Die with your favorite team? Comment below!


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0 thoughts on “Play to Win or for Loyality in Madden NFL 13?

  1. I know personally I stick with my team even through thick or thin, but I have probably played with a different team like 10 x’s in the last 5 years… lol

  2. i stick with the teams that fit my style im a dolphins fan but reggie bush isnt my style of back i like to power run along with some west coast passing…i may go back to them this season and have reggie split out more run with daniel thomas

  3. classic,

    you can use HB daniel thomas and have himbe your power back and use reggie as more of a receiver. should be pretty good.

    you also drafted a pretty solid scat back – lamar miller i beileve?

  4. I’m a loyalist. I mimic the philosophy of my favorite team (Philly). I use and design plays that work to the strengths of the playmakers. I’m looking forward to user Shady and establishing mismatches in Madden NFL 13.

  5. pumpkin,

    shady is such a good player that your entire offense can run through him.

    do you setup to scramble with vick or do you hang in the pocket and look to run second?

    • I use Vick mostly as a decoy. I like to have 2 or 3 designed run plays for Vick to find out how the defense will react. I rarely scramble due to Vick’s high turnover rate.

      By using spread formations, Jackson’s/Maclin’s SPD rating, Shady’s AWR and ELU rating plus Vick makes coverage quite difficult.

  6. I will use the Colts/Steelers almost exclusively this year. But from time to time use different teams, because I like players on every team in the NFL.

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