Star Madden NFL 25 HB Jeff Demps's Future with Patriots in Doubt

Olympic track star Jeff Demps’s NFL career might be over before it ever really started. Demps didn’t see any regular season playing time last season with the Patriots and was placed on injured reserve. Demps recently told Sports Talk Florida that he will be competing in a upcoming Track and Field circuit that will take place between the months of March and August. This will require Demps to miss all of the team’s mini camps and training camps. The absence means his future with one of the NFL’s top franchises is in doubt.

This could be a painful loss for all Patriots fans, both in Madden NFL 25 and on Sundays. With the recent loss of HB Danny Woodhead, the Patriots lack a top-end speed option out of the backfield. HBs Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen aren’t known for their speed, and the hope was that Jeff Demps would fill the role of Danny Woodhead on virtual fields across the country.

This is quietly one of the biggest developing stories of the Madden NFL off season.

You live by the Demps and you die by the Demps, and it looks like in Madden NFL 25, we won’t get to take that Ferrari out for a spin.

Jeff Demps (Madden NFL 13 Stats)
63 OVR
98 SPD
96 AGI
99 ACC
68 CAR
73 CTH
66 INJ


Perhaps the Pats bring in his old Florida backfield-mate Chris Rainey? (Just sayin’.)

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