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Which Is the Better MUT Card? 99 MVP Peterson vs 99 MVP McCoy

When you’re playing Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), who is the better option at running back? Do you go with the Adrian Peterson or the LeSean McCoy? Both are the MVP versions and check in at 99 Overall, but which is … Continue reading


This Week in Madden Episode 117: New Run D, West Coast O, MUT Challenge!

Learn how to stop the best runs in the game with SGibs’s new run defense. This has a simple beginner setup but also will work for the advanced user! Other topics include a West Coast passing scheme and how to … Continue reading

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MUT Podcast: Team Tear-Downs!

ZFarls takes lineups from the community and breaks down their strengths and weakness in Madden Ultimate Team! These team tear-downs help show how even solid lineups can improve and why maximizing your value is huge in MUT! Got a lineup … Continue reading