TWIM 121 GOTW ZFarls Vs SGibs

This Week in Madden Show 121: Free 4WR Offensive Scheme, plus ZFarls vs SGibs!

ZFarls and SGibs were back for This Week in Madden Show 121 on Wednesday night at 8! (Subscribe Here) Start up your consoles, because we have a free offensive scheme featuring four-wide-receiver sets like Gun Snugs and Singleback Spread! These … Continue reading


This Week in Madden Episode 117: New Run D, West Coast O, MUT Challenge!

Learn how to stop the best runs in the game with SGibs’s new run defense. This has a simple beginner setup but also will work for the advanced user! Other topics include a West Coast passing scheme and how to … Continue reading

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This Week in Madden 116: Three Offensive Keys + Free Agent Winners!

This Week in Madden 116 was live with great Madden NFL 25 tips, like how to improve quickly on offense with just three tips. Hosts ZFarls and SGibs also talked Top 5 free agency winners for the new Madden. There was … Continue reading

Madden 25 Rookie Ratings TWIM 114

This Week In Madden Show 114 Archive: Rookie Ratings + Cowboys Pass Scheme

ZFarls + SGibs return with Madden NFL 25 tips on “This Week in Madden,” show 114. Learn some key passing plays from the Cowboys Flip Trips formation. The guys also take their chances at projecting rookie ratings for Manziel, Clowney, … Continue reading

Madden, Beating Seahawks, 49ers, Broncos

This Week in Madden Show 109 Archive: How to Beat SF, Seattle, Denver in Madden NFL 25

This Week in Madden, show 109, was on (subscribe!) at 8 ET on Wednesday night. The guys took your Madden NFL 25 questions and gave tips on beating the Seahawks, 49ers, and Broncos in Madden NFL 25! These are … Continue reading