The Best Playbook in Madden NFL 25

The best playbook in Madden NFL 25 is going to be the Minnesota Vikings playbook.

The addition of the Gun Empty Bunch formation will make this one of the hardest offenses to stop in the game.

The bunch alignment on the right side of the field will torch zone coverage, while the twins side to the left will be great for isolated routes against man-to-man coverages.

The formation keeps getting better—it has a Read Option and a play action play off it.

If you plan on beating your buddies in Madden NFL 25 this year, then this is the playbook you will need to check out on August 27!

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Gun Empty Bunch Formation

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43 thoughts on “The Best Playbook in Madden NFL 25

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  1. Bills... Gun bunch wk with read option its better then Washingtons imo... Singleback tight dubs... It has a pistol form that makes D respect your run...Shoutgun empty with two wheel routes and bills stutter... single back y flex... All 3wr 1rb 1te... Plus strong close... And one of the best shotgun two rb formations... Im going to stick with this pb from start to finish...
    I just used this playbook and formation to obliterate my ship tournament. If I had a defense to match it wouldve been over a lot faster.
    That is the worst!! When i am throwing my 1 curl pass a game and a 350 pound lineman jumps 6 ft in the air fully stretched to take my 7 yard pass away.
    major adjustments to madden 25 I like it no more super man diving tackles no super human DL ball hawking need to work on my run game its a must in madden 25 with the new modifier it feel like a whole new game in my opinion not a fan of the option ncaa fans should be second nature to it
    Any word if they fixed the bug in madden 13 where if you send the DB's from the speed package (The QB automatically breaks the tackle if either DB's attempt to tackle the QB)
    Ex: Rush Outside from 46 normal
    I'm leaning toward building a custom around the SF book on offense. For D i'll use whatever playbook has the 4-3 and 46. I'll be switching between the two most of the game.

    Wing Trips Wk looks like a great formation to build around,you have your read option, Buck sweep option. Inverted veer Option/ Playaction compliment, + a nasty man killer

    Combine that with Trey open and you have a solid trips scheme
    i think its going to be one of the most versatile formations in the game

    because you can go from 46 normal to 46 speed.

    not being able to audible to formations this year makes this SUPER important IMO for scheme continuity
    Any insight as to how effective the 46 will be this year? It's been my base for the last two seasons and feel quite comfortable. Thank you in advance.
    Going to look into moving to the Panthers PB from the Steelers PB last year. Wondering if you can stay in the Panthers Gun Doubles most of the game. A base scheme for sure. Trips TE looks good too.
    Best playbook will be your very own custom PB, if it works in CC as it supposed to then I'm sure most real Madden players will make their own custom book.
    Are they allowed in tourney play?
    Man, just looking at that formation, the scheming possibilities are ridiculous

    I know for sure in Madden 13, the under/slant mixed route (no idea what it's called) from the left slot WR in that Verticals play would destroy man and zone. It also looks like Divide Wheel has the nasty Jets Slot Post route from the left slot WR which again stresses a defense vertically (if it works the same this year)
    usually comes down to time.

    every year we plan on including them, but we end up running out of time and resources to record them in a timely manner.

    no real mystery to it other than that
    On the defensive side, the most versatile book looks like Tennessee. It has 4-3, 3-4, 4-6 Bear, Nickel, Dime, Dollar, etc. Just a general question though... Why aren't you guys ever able to post the generic play books? I suppose they're not provided to you by EA in this format.
    Everyone who is having trouble redirecting to the FB page. Just click the back button on your browser> I am using Google Chrome and it will do this to me one or two times and then will work correctly.