The NEW Gun Heavy Panther in Madden NFL 13

RIP Gun Heavy Panther.

The latest Madden NFL 13 patch has crippled this once-powerful formation. You can no longer audible out of/into or hot route within Gun Heavy Panther. This formation was under a lot of scrutiny in the online world of Madden NFL 13.


I for one think the formation was way over-powered, and it's a good thing that the fix was made.


Don't think we don't have a backup plan. In the coming weeks we will show you a scheme that is even better than the Gun Heavy Attack.

Get ready.

The NEW Gun Heavy Panther is coming...

Tonight on TWIM 84 you wil get your first glimpse at the "NEW Gun Heavy Panther in Madden NFL 13".

This latest playbook will be our Wildcard eGuide for both starters and tournament players.

You can purchase the TOURNAMENT Wildcard eGuide here!

You can purchase the STARTER Wildcard eGuide here

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