The Top 25 Free Agent Signings for Madden NFL 25!

Free agency (FA) is always a huge factor when looking at which teams are the best in Madden. Madden NFL 13 was truly the year of the QB and Big-Hit Defense. While we don’t know exactly how Madden NFL 25 will play yet, it is always a great idea to look into teams with talented rosters at skill positions. Most gamers started with the Green Bay Packers and slowly shifted towards the 49ers as Colin Kaepernick exploded onto the scene. When taking a look at all the recent NFL moves, you must first look at the old power rankings. Good teams like SF can afford to lose a player like Dashon Goldson because they have plenty of other talent. A weaker team like Minnesota can add a great talent like Greg Jennings but still not move up too many spaces. Here are my favorite free agent moves that will affect just which teams are the best to use online in Madden NFL 25.

Honorable Mention: Paul Kruger – Browns

25. Glenn Dorsey – 49ers
While this was not a glamour move, adding some depth to the defensive line (which stands to lose Ricky Jean-Francois) is a smart addition. The 49ers get a high talent player who has under-performed so far; with a big start he could easily get some ratings boosts.

24. Jason Jones – Lions
Detroit is set to be a great team, and with an aging Kyle Vanden Bosch, you once again want as much depth and talent on the line as possible. Having players who can play in multiple fronts is huge for setting up blitzes in Madden.

23. Rashard Mendenhall – Cardinals

Mendenhall rebounded back from a torn ACL, but he joins a weaker team in the rankings and isn’t much different from former starter Beanie Wells. Mendenhall can be a solid trucking back, so hopefully the game will set him up for success.

22. Keith Rivers – Giants
Re-signing your own players is very big for staying relevant. Rivers has speed and hit power that the Giants couldn’t afford to lose, especially with Michael Boley being released. The Giants helped their Madden NFL 25 ranking by keeping this solid LB.

21. Aqib Talib – Patriots
Talib should get a nice ratings adjustment from his great play in New England last season, and the Patriots need the secondary help to stay in the top 5–7 teams in Madden NFL 25.

20. Manny Lawson – Bills
Lawson is always an X-factor due to his raw talent. He was a great 49er and Bengal and should fit nicely beside Mario Williams. The Bills likely won’t be a top team early, however, unless they solidify the QB position.

19. Martellus Bennett – Bears
Bennett is a super-athletic TE with the frame to match. He played well with QB Eli Manning last year and finally started to earn some ratings boosts. He can be a solid inside target with WR Brandon Marshall on the outside.

18. Osi Umenyiora (Falcons) Elvis Dumervil (Ravens)
These three rushers have the ability to create pressure with their acceleration ratings. Having a guy who can be your “main blitz guy” to line up around is BIG. Here are two players who move from one winning team to the next!

17. Dustin Keller – Dolphins
Keller gives Miami a reliable target over the middle for their young QB, but the Dolphins will need a backfield spark to break into the top 15.

16. Dannell Ellerbe – Dolphins
Miami has been spending crazy in FA, but Ellerbe is only a decent player by Madden standards, and they may have overpaid him to be the anchor of the defense. He should see a nice rating, though, due to his solid post-season play and versatility.

15. Louis Delmas, Chris Houston – Lions
Detroit retaining these two players in one of their problem areas is huge. They are both solid players that the Lions won’t need to find a replacement for in the draft.

14. Danny Amendola – Patriots

Amendola is a nice signing, but he doesn’t bring anything extra to the Patriots since they lose Wes Welker. Gronk can make up for the Catch In Traffic ratings points that they lose in this trade-off. They will need a big early season from Amendola to earn some ratings upgrades.

13. Connor Barwin – Eagles
Philly dumped Jason Babin last year, and they fell out of the top 7 teams. Adding back another rusher to go opposite Trent Cole is a nice start. They also added Kenny Phillips but lost a chunk of their secondary. Until we know what Chip Kelley installs on offense and how the new game plays, the Eagles are somewhere around 15.

12. Danny Woodhead – Chargers 
Woodhead leaving doesn’t hurt New England because they have plenty of players who can make up for his versatility, but he does add a nice weapon to the Chargers’ backfield, which they have been missing since Darren Sproles left town in FA.

11. Dashon Goldson – Bucs
This Hit Power beast, who joins Mark Barron, will be a staple of the Bucs defense for years to come. They were big players in FA last season, but it didn’t quite pan out. If they get off to a hot start, they could crack the top 12.

10. Shaun Smith, Dunta Robinson – Chiefs
Adding big CBs is always a bonus in Madden. These guys will help create a top 10 secondary in Madden NFL 25, and if that is how the game plays, they could end up being a great team, with J. Charles as the focus.

9. LaRon Landry – Colts
Landry is an athletic specimen who will bring raw talent to the Colts. If you can user-control Landry on defense, you will bring fear to any opponent trying to work the middle of the field. The Colts should increase their ratings due to a great playoff run, so they will likely be a popular online team in Madden NFL 25.

8. Glover Quin – Lions
Quin is a fast safety and will bring great flexibility to the Detroit secondary. He has strong man coverage ratings and will let Detroit match up against teams that like to use players like Aaron Hernandez or Randall Cobb in multiple spots.

7. Greg Jennings – Vikings
Jennings is a solid Madden talent but, without Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball anymore, he will have to prove he can put up the same stats to keep his rating high. If this move works out and Jennings can put the team on his back, the Vikings could make the top 10 for running-style players who use AP!

6. Steven Jackson – Falcons
Michael Turner is no longer with Atlanta, so Jackson will get a chance to prove he can carry the load. He is a better all around back than Turner, but he doesn’t excel in any one category. With a shifty player like J. Rodgers on the bench, Jackson won’t need to do it every down like in St. Louis.

5. Wes Welker – Broncos
If Madden NFL 25 is big on the Catch in Traffic rating, then Welker is a strong addition for Denver. While Peyton Manning isn’t fast, the three WRs he has available are great. They are the new GB at WR depth-wise, and Manning will be able to spread the ball to everyone.

4. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – Broncos
DRC is a beast in Madden. His speed and size are a unique combination that spring Denver into the top 5 Madden NFL 25 teams for next season.

3. Cliff Avril – Seahawks
Seattle has plenty of explosive players on their defensive line already, but adding a versatile player like Avril is just one reason that they will remain a top defensive team in Madden NFL 25. If Bruce Irvin continues to improve, the offense will be unable to block this rush!

2. Mike Wallace – Dolphins
Miami has spent big all during free agency to attempt to break into the top 15 teams. Mike Wallace puts them close with his ability to get open deep downfield! If QB Ryan Tannehill plays well early, Miami could become a sleeper team.

1. Reggie Bush – Lions
Detroit is shaping up to be one of the top 5 teams in Madden NFL 25. Adding Reggie Bush gives them a movable chess piece to create mismatches all over the field. Calvin Johnson will retain an amazing rating after his record-setting season, and if Jahvid Best can get healthy, this team will be loaded!

Other Notes:

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0 thoughts on “The Top 25 Free Agent Signings for Madden NFL 25!

  1. I disagree with Cliff Avril being in the top 5 Free Agent signings this year. Unless Bruce Irvin takes a significant rating hit with the release of Madden 25 Irvin and Clemmons with be my staring DE’s on my defense. I will admit though this signing does mean that in a 3rd and long scenario I can run more packages that put 4 DE on the field to get after the QB. In my mind its a good NFL signing for the Seahawks but it really doesn’t change much for the Seahawks defense. IMO the Free Agent acquisition of Percy Harvin would have been better at the number 3 spot over the signing of Avril.

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