This Week in Madden – Episode 71 Archive!

TWIM returned for Madden NFL 13 last night and was a great success! Check out the show archive below!

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Other Madden 13 Tips Broken Down:
Reading the Defense in Madden NFL 13
Preparing for Tournament Level Madden, Virgin Gaming Challenge Series
Difference Between Tourney and Starter Level E-Guides
Call with Virgin Gaming Co-founder – Zack Zeldin
Tips on using Playmaker on Offense!

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0 thoughts on “This Week in Madden – Episode 71 Archive!

  1. I missed the coverage reading, but can’t wait to improve with the sites/ shows help.
    I am 3-13 so far in my community. I have faith that I’ll improve. Hooah!

  2. Do you “lab” on All Pro level or All Madden? What’s the best computer setting to train against? My concern is that All Madden level might introduce some unfair AI.

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