This Week In Madden: Show 103 Archive! Next Gen Differences!

This Week In Madden, show 103 was live on Wednesday night at 8ET with ZFarls & SGibs attending the local Best Buy Tournament. The guys explored the differences between Madden NFL 25 on Xbox 360 and PS3 against PS4 and Xbox One next gen games. Look for tips on running the ball and blitzing especially! Also broken down are:

  • Throw Power Rating Needed at QB
  • How to Run on Next Gen and a Look at HB Toss
  • Throwing Streaks on Next Gen!
  • Tampa Bay Bucs D Book Breakdown
  • Best Cover 4 Coverage
  • Cover 2 Sink Breakdown and Pro Tips
  • OL/TE Ratings for Run Game
  • Madden NFL 25 Next Gen Training Plan to Improve!

Make sure to check out the Winner’s Kit here and send us your questions on Twitter! @Maddenbible

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