Top 25 Ways to Improve for Madden NFL 25

Top 25 Ways to Improve for Madden NFL 25

With the Madden NFL 13 season winding down, the Madden NFL 25 season is fast approaching. There is a lot you can do to improve your game before the new game hits shelves August 27, 2013. We list the best ways to take advantage of your time in the coming days.


  1. Playbooks – Learn every playbook. Know which playbooks contain specific plays – Falcon Cross (ATL), Pats Wheel Drag (NE) – so that you can adjust your scheme as the year progresses. You should also lab every unique play in the game to see how it can be effective in a scheme you create. This is something that should be done during the first week the game comes out. Fight the urge to play online, and spend your time early in the year dissecting the nuances of the new game.
  2. Depth Charts – Learn your team’s depth chart by heart. This ensures that going into every game your team will be set up perfectly for your scheme. Many times Madden gamers get lazy in a spot like depth charts, and it can cost them timeouts early in games. It can also cause lineup issues within their schemes as they audible to and from schemes.
  3. Field Goals – Spend time learning how far your team’s field goal kicker can actually kick a field goal. Find his max and “comfort” zone. Too many times games come down to field goals, and there is nothing worse than thinking your kicker won’t have the leg for that 60-yard field goal when he can actually kick 62.
  4. PuntingHaving great special teams in Madden is huge! Coffin corners can change the outcomes of games because they force your opponent to run more plays, which results in more chances for you to make a big play on defense.
  5. Kickoff Coverage – Some players have it and some don’t. This is something that you can actually lab in practice mode. Go into practice and select the play style Has Kickoffs. Grab two controllers and work on getting downfield to lay the boom!
  6. Kickoffs – Over the years there have been numerous ways to kick the ball off effectively that have given the kicking team an advantage over the return team. Madden NFL 10 and 13 had the squib, while Madden NFL 11 and 12 had the short kickoffs. Get into practice and find what’s effective.
  7. NFL Draft/Free Agency – Find out who the big-name players are in the NFL Draft as well as NFL Free Agency. The drafting and signing of a player can make all the difference in which team you will choose for next year’s game. Think RGIII going to the Redskins. He instantly made them a Madden threat for years to come.
  8. User Skill – At this point of the Madden NFL 13 season stop using defensive assist. Learn to make defensive plays without the assist option. It will make your defensive user control better as you head into the Madden NFL 25 season.
  9. BlitzingYou must learn how to blitz effectively. One of the most important blitzes you can have is sending six defenders while getting two of them untouched. This is the foundation of any blitzing scheme. Once you accomplish this you can then work on sending pressure off either edge and from different coverages.
  10. Max Coverage – Utilize Max Coverage defense from your blitzing formation. This defense will rush one defender and have one defender in a QB spy. Do whatever else you want with the coverage.
  11. User Catching – Start user-catching everything. Drags, zigs, and whatever else you can think of. This will help to increase your offensive user control as we move toward Madden NFL 25.
  12. Unbumpable Patterns – Learn to get your receivers free releases from the line of scrimmage. A great way to do this is by putting a receiver in motion and snapping before he sets. This will give him a consistent look
  13. Zone Flooding – Learning how to attack zone coverages from every formation is huge for your offense. This knowledge will carry over for years to come.
  14. Run Game – The great equalizer. If you can run the ball effectively you will win far more games than you lose. Running the ball levels the playing field and can result in major frustration for your opponent.
  15. Read Option – The Read Option has taken the NFL by storm. It is also a excellent complement to any offense in Madden. It is one of the better ways to score in the red zone and can really open up an offense. The Read Option will be popular in Madden NFL 25, so you probably want to learn how to stop it, too!
  16. Screen Game – Having effective screens can result in huge plays for your offense. They are great in no-huddle situations and can make your opponent have to sell out to stop them.
  17. Goal Line Defense – It doesn’t matter if you give up the most yards in a game. It only matters that you give up the fewest points. Generate quick pressure while maintaining coverage in the flats and you will be on your way to solid goal line defense.
  18. Goal Line Offense – When you get toward the goal line the number of plays you can call starts to shrink. Make sure you have a few money plays to use in the red zone.
  19. User Control D – The best user-control defenders have the ability to take away three different reads on every play: the initial read, the secondary read, and the third read. This leaves you with only the option to check down in the flat. Here are some tips on who to user-control on defense in Madden NFL 13!
  20. Labbing – Practice, practice, and more practice. You should be spending the majority of your time working on your skills in practice mode. Be specific with what you are doing. Run through different scenarios and try to convert specific plays in specific situations.
  21. Lab Partner – No one can do it alone. Search for a like-minded player that you get along with. The most important thing is that you both communicate with each other so that you are both helping each other improve. Allow for a free-flowing form of dialogue that breeds constructive criticism. Nothing stunts individual growth more than not being able to listen to feedback.
  22. Change Play Calls from One Formation – Run multiple plays from the same formation on offense and defense. This will force your opponent to always play the guessing game and never truly be prepared to stop what you are doing.
  23. No Huddle – The speed of your offense can cause major issues for a lot of gamers. See if your opponent can handle it. Slowing your game down is also an option, as a lot of gamers hate a game where they only get a few possessions.
  24. Tournaments – Playing in tournaments will improve your game tremendously. Once you play on the big stage your confidence will soar. Make sure to keep calm and focus on the entirety of the game and not just individual moments. Tournaments are a roller coaster of emotions, and you need to harness all your energy to win them.
  25. Leagues – League play can help you build rapport, which will lead to better lab partners. It will also keep you fresh on the most current trends.

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  1. I still count 6 months to beat peeps up online in Madden 13!!
    Another thing to consider is that many of us will probably playing Madden 25 on the PS4 once it comes out.

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