Top 5 Blitzing Tips in Madden NFL 13

Top 5 Blitzing Tips

Bringing pressure successfully in Madden NFL 13 makes playing defense much easier. If your opponents are wary of you hitting the QB, they are more likely to get the ball out faster, which can lead to turnovers. This also limits the amount of time your CBs need to cover downfield and allows them to play more aggressively at the line. Knowing when, why, and where to blitz is just as important as setting the blitz up properly. Force your opponents to always consider your pressure. Sometimes not blitzing can force them to block players, leaving them fewer options and you with extra coverage! Keep these tips in mind when going over your defensive 5 Sets for Success.

5. Force the Offense
4. Zone Blitz
3. Use Overloads
2. Don’t Cover the HB
1. Use the Same Fronts

5. Force the Offense
Pro Tip: Know the game situation; sometimes you can knock your opponent out of field goal range with a sack!

Great defenses pressure the offense and force opponents to adapt and show they can beat the pressure before you call the dogs off. In certain situations you can force the offense to call something that will work in your favor. If they have a left-handed QB, make him roll to his weak side, since a cross-body throw will be much harder to complete. If they are running plays towards the open side of the field, look to bring pressure from that area. There are small tendencies you can pick up on, and they can really tell you a lot about the offense.

4. Zone Blitz

Pro Tip: Use the LB Pass Rush package to make your zones even better in coverage.

Starting with a balanced defensive set means the offense won’t be sure which way the pressure is coming from. If you choose to bring the blitz to the right, make sure to drop an LB or DE on the left side in a zone. Hook zones work over the middle of the field while buzz zones will drop and play the curl or flat. This is a great way to give extra support to your defense and can often result in a defensive lineman getting interceptions!

3. Use Overloads
Pro Tip: Bringing one more rusher than the offense has blockers is the most consistent way to get heat in Madden NFL 13.

Most gamers try to bring as few rushers as possible and still get pressure; however, the offensive line has been well tuned by the team at Tiburon. Now you will have to use realistic football tactics when blitzing to gain a free rusher. This means always trying to bring one more rusher than the linemen can block. If the offense has five linemen and a TE on the line of scrimmage, you should bring seven rushers. This creates a risky coverage, but if the QB misses his hot read, the offense will be in trouble. Blitzing too much can be a problem if you use aggressive tactics like this, but every now and then it can really shock your opponent.

2. Don’t Cover the HB
Pro Tip: A 5-yard completion on third and 20 still means a punt for the offense.

A common theme to our blitzes involves leaving the HB uncovered out of the backfield. Since we have often dropped a zone as recommended in tip 4, the HB will often be picked up if he hits the flat on that side. Many times, opponents will block the HB to help pick up the blitz we are sending, and then we don’t have to worry. We have no problem allowing the HB to swing to the flat for a small gain. If he attempts to gain more yards on a streak or to a spot we don’t have covered, we try to get our user defender into position to make a play.

1. Use the Same Front
Pro Tip: This tip will be amplified in Madden NFL 13 with the new defensive alignments!

Finding a front that can get consistent pressure is solid, but not without the proper coverages behind it. If your opponents know you are running only one kind of coverage, they should be picking you apart in no time. The key is to keep the same front that has been giving them trouble and mix up the man/zone coverage. If they think you’re in man-to-man and try a curl but your buzz zone drops underneath and grabs an interception, they will be wary. Now they’ll hold the ball longer to make sure they have a good read, and then the sacks will start coming. This tip has yielded us multiple sacks every game for a few seasons.


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