Top 5 Defensive Formations in Madden NFL 13

Top 5 Defensive Formations
Mixing up your defensive formations is the key to keeping the offense off balance. If you can get the offense to change around their personnel because of your defense, you have an advantage. Here are some favorite or unique formations in the game. Some of these will stop the run, bring pressure, or even scare the offense!

5. Nickel Normal
4. 5-2 Normal
3. NASCAR Normal
2. 46 Bear
1. Dime Normal

Honorable Mentions: Nickel Psycho, 46 Normal, 4-4 Split

5. Nickel Normal
Playbook: Lions
Favorite Plays: Cover 4, Over Storm Brave, Sugar Blitz
Pro Tip: Try subbing in your benched LB at defensive end to rush in passing situations.
Always come out in a Cover 4; then, using quick audibles allows you to access any base coverage. The Cover 4 is a solid first drive defense against pass-heavy offenses. The Nickel Normal is a solid base package that gets good speed on the field vs. spread attacks. By allowing the underneath and flat throws, you can keep the offense in front of you and look to lock up in the red zone. The buzz zones on the outside do a solid job working the sideline and forcing everything in tight windows. Your opponent must be sharp to start the game or risk throwing into heavy coverage.

4. 5-2 Normal
Playbook: Buccaneers
Favorite Plays: Trio Sky Zone, Fire Zone 2, Cover 3
Pro Tip: If you have a defensive end in a zone assignment, be careful when using line crashes because it can mess up your coverage scheme.
The 5-2 brings the beef onto the field by adding an extra defensive lineman. This will really slow down the opponents’ running game and allow teams with plenty of linemen to play them all at once. Try using this formation with the Lions, Giants, and Bills (oh, my), as they have the talent to excel. Also, try different crashes and LB blitzes to amplify the pressure. Use zone blitz ideas like dropping the weak-side end into coverage to add confusion.

3. NASCAR Normal
Playbook: Giants
Favorite Plays: Cover 3, Cover 3 Buzz, Under Smoke
Pro Tip: Sub in fast LBs for pass coverage behind the defensive linemen.
The Giants have a plethora of pass rushers that they like to place on the field in third down situations. When there is no threat of a run, the coaching staff puts these expert speed rushers on the field and unleashes them. DE Justin Tuck moves inside to DT, and LB Mathias Kiwanuka (who has a pass-rushing background) moves to DT. At DE are explosive speed rushers Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora. This is a great formation and really gives you some talent at unique positions.
2. 46 Bear
Playbook: Titans
Favorite Plays: Cover 3, Plug Cover 1, Buzz Weak 3
Pro Tip: If you use “show blitz” from a 4-3 or 3-4 front, you will get a 46 Bear front.
The 46 Bear front looks to occupy the interior of the line and is great for stopping the run. Your LBs will play an inside/outside approach on the tight end, which will really slow him down. This will help prevent runs to the strong side because you have extra defenders over there. To control the weak side of the defense, the safety should be usered in the box to clean up any runs to that side.
1. Dime Normal
Playbook: Bears
Favorite Plays: 2 Man Under, MLB Blitz, DB Blitz
Pro Tip: Use the SS to MLB package for a unique substitution.
The Dime Normal is an extremely balanced formation that can deal with most of the base passing sets that put up huge yards. It is also very balanced on both sides, which means the ability to bring pressure from anywhere will be in the offense’s head. With the new defensive alignments, the defense shouldn’t be able to get a consistent tell on your coverage and you should have a great go-to base defense.

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Defensive Formations in Madden NFL 13

  1. Heh, I actually take notes from this site. No joke, I write them down in this handy dandy notebook, buying the E-books soon!


  2. Can you do the one on the Nickel Psycho out of the GB Packers playbook. Dom I think runs it out of a 1-5-5. And which personnel would you use.


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  1. There is a SS at MLB in quarters 3 deep but not in Dime Normal. I so wish there was.

    I've heard Sgibs mention this before and looked for it even though I knew I had never seen it.
    Still not there.
    i like that actually lol

    i use it when i go quarters 3 deep to any other 4 man front - i liek that i get that speed there - works well for blitzes

    i say its a good thing rather then a bad thing ^^
    gibs got a question about dime. I like dime a lot and when using it i usually audible to 43 2 man under because i like the db's to be in closer to cover the middle...only problem is that when i audible down my fs goes to the dt u know anyway to fix this?
    You guys all know how I like weird D formations. Made a name for myself outta the 4-2-5 Under last year...

    This year, I'm very intriuged by the NASCAR formation. I'm debating my 4-3 base book and can't decide between NYG (NASCAR), Jax (Dime Flat), or 4-3 (4-4) for my book. I love all 3 of those complementary formations.