Top 5 Defensive Teams in Madden NFL 13 to Help You Win NOW!

Top 5 Defensive Teams

Defense wins championships, and it wins plenty of Madden NFL games too. Whether you like a solid defensive line, linebackers, or secondary there is a team on the list that will fit your style. Make sure to limit your attempts to strip the ball from the offense this year as stripping has been tuned. The best ways to force turnovers this year are with hit sticks and by going for interceptions due to pressure on the QB. If you can consistently deliver your offense the ball in great field position, the wins will start piling up!

5. Cincinnati Bengals
4. Dallas Cowboys
3. Baltimore Ravens
2. New York Giants
1. San Francisco 49ers

Honorable Mentions—Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets

5. Cincinnati Bengals

Pro Tip: Thomas Howard is an extremely athletic linebacker who should see snaps in nearly all situations.

The Bengals defense is known for one thing—speed. You can craft a lineup that will match up athletically with any team in the game. At LB, Manny Lawson is a unique talent due to his blend of size and speed. The same goes for safety Taylor Mays, who can play way above his rating with proper user control. Work to find a good blend of size and speed on the defensive line, as there is plenty of potential to look through. Players who like to play at a high speed or are used to the Raiders must try out Cincinnati!

4. Dallas Cowboys

Pro Tip: The Cowboys secondary is extremely versatile and allows you to run a variety of coverages.

Dallas has changed the look of their secondary but added some talent with rookie Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr. Both these players are physical talents who will challenge opponents. DeMarcus Ware should make their lives easy as one of the best players in Madden NFL 13. Any time you can rush the passer like he does and be a factor on every play, your defense will be elite. Allowing Ware to work the edge is LB Sean Lee, who has become incredibly solid early in his career!

3. Baltimore Ravens

Pro Tip: LB Terrell Suggs suffered an injury before the season, but he adds fear to an extremely deep pass rush!

The Ravens are always considered a top defensive team in Madden NFL, and it all starts in the middle with Ray Lewis, who tackles everything. Surrounding him are talented pass rushers in LB Sergio Kindle and rookie Courtney Upshaw. They will be free to rush due to the size and strength on the line with Haloti Ngata and Terrence Cody. These two players are immovable objects and make everything easier for this defense. If anything makes it downfield, safety Ed Reed has instincts that put him in position to make plays. Let the very improved corner Lardarius Webb hold down the other team’s best receiving threat on the outside.

2. New York Giants

Pro Tip: Look for LB Jacquian Williams to use his speed in pass coverage in nickel situations.

Rushing the passer is the Giants’ main strength, but they also have some strong players in the secondary who can play aggressive coverages. Safety Antrel Rolle is known to play some slot corner when the Giants utilize their nickel package, which has three safeties. They have improved tremendously at LB over the past few seasons and now have plenty of depth there, too. Work their lineup in multiple ways to maximize the type of defense you want to play with them.

1. San Francisco 49ers

Pro Tip: San Francisco has some serious hit power in the secondary, which will make offenses think twice about throwing the ball over the middle.

The 49ers have an insane number of linebackers to use, and they all have different strengths. Aldon Smith is a great pass rusher, while Patrick Willis can do it all. Work on using different packages and formations from the 3-4 depending on what situation you need. The defensive line is solidified by one of the most solid cornerstones in DE Justin Smith, who can hold down gaps on his own. With their style of play and incredible record last season, the 49ers will be a very popular choice!

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0 thoughts on “Top 5 Defensive Teams in Madden NFL 13 to Help You Win NOW!

  1. Still no Respect for my Seahawks….shoulda known after that pats loss….we shouldnt even be mentioned in same breath with the Jets… we already beat the cowboys our defense looked better….idk how they not top 5 when we the best defense in league….oh n we beat the Giants last yr at there place..they ended up bein SB champs…like i think we deserve top 3 at least…dont even show nothin in videos for seahawks cuz i dont want people stealin my stuff ha im soundin lika an asshole but everybody doubt Seattle so watever cant wait ta torch all yall inna tourney…large talk from a large man in Captain Insane O!

  2. the bengals work very well with a 3-4 or multiple d set if you set your depth chart right, best books are the jets for a 3-4 od the multiple d otherwise.

  3. I use the Steelers. Ike Taylor and Keenan Lewis rarely get beat in man and Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark make plays at safety. I started playing online finally and have started out 10-2 only giving up 12.2 points a game. You can use any defense if you know what formations to use. I always wait until the offense picks their a play then pick on that corresponds with how many WR’s they have. 2-man under with a linebacker playing zone in the middle has worked best. Only works with teams that have good cover corners though.

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