Top 5 Running Teams in Madden NFL 13 to Help You Win NOW!

Top 5 Running Teams

Pounding the rock is one of the most conservative ways to play the game, but those who succeed win a lot of games online. It is one of the most consistent parts of the game from year to year, so anyone who grabs a solid team, limits turnovers, and controls the clock will have an advantage. Depending on your style of running game, here are five stellar teams to choose in Madden NFL 13!

5. San Francisco 49ers
4. Houston Texans
3. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Carolina Panthers

Honorable Mentions—Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens

5. San Francisco 49ers

Pro Tip: The SF playbook has a tremendous running formation with I-Form Niners Heavy, which utilizes a DT in the backfield to block.

The 49ers have a tremendous defense and the ability to run a clock-draining offense to go along with it. Frank Gore is more than capable of carrying the load, but they also picked up another power back in free agency with Brandon Jacobs. If you need to change the pace, both Kendall Hunter and rookie LaMichael James are very talented!

4. Houston Texans

Pro Tip: Ben Tate is extremely capable of carrying the workload if Arian Foster needs a quick rest.

Arian Foster is a do-it-all running back. He can carry the load and run any style to move the chains. The type of offense that Houston uses with play action and rollouts forces defenses to be disciplined. Even if the defense stays at home, they will still need to bring down Foster one on one!

3. Philadelphia Eagles

Pro Tip: Andy Reid has a very creative playbook that gets that ball to speedy players in space regardless of their position. Try to find handoffs to speedy players like DeSean Jackson!

HB LeSean McCoy vaulted to the top tier of backs last season and is one of the shiftiest players in the game. His juke moves out on the edge make him incredibly tough to tackle, and Philly has plenty of plays to get him the ball in unique places. With the threat of QB Mike Vick taking off at any time, Philly has to be thought of as a great running option.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pro Tip: While QB Ben Roethlisberger isn’t a threat to break down defenders with his legs, his ability to stay upright in the pocket with QB evade makes him dangerous.

Pittsburgh is a team with tremendous power-running depth in Madden NFL 13. The Steelers have four backs with 90-plus trucking ability. Don’t forget this factor if trucking continues to be a solid way to run the ball with the infinity engine. Momentum matters this year, so keep these guys moving forward and burn the defense deep with Mike Wallace’s speed if they cram the line. Try out all the backs in practice mode to see which suits your style.

1. Carolina Panthers

Pro Tip: Practice reading the defensive ends on plays like the Read Option and Triple Option to maximize gains!

Any time you have a QB who runs for 14 TDs in a season it takes the stress off of an offense. The Panthers have enough depth at RB to handle the stress, though, with a solid stable of backs. Last year they had three players with over 700 rushing yards. They add Mike Tolbert in a fullback role to really help pick up tough yards, too. They also have great run formations in their playbook to go along with all their talent!

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  1. bucs have one of the best run blocking o lines in madden also and blount has one of best stiff arm and trucking in madden too and compliment that with smiths 95 speed…..deadly bucs r underrated team

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