Top 5 Teams in Madden NFL 13 to Help You Win NOW!

Top 5 Teams to Help You Win

While some Madden NFL players stick to their hometown teams, many choose a squad that gives them the best chance to win. If you are struggling early on, check out one of the teams recommended here. Each has different skills that allow players to excel depending on their game style. Once you master the game using one of the better teams, you can always go back and explore a lower-rated team to up the challenge!

5. San Francisco 49ers
4. New York Giants
3. Philadelphia Eagles
2. New Orleans Saints
1. Green Bay Packers

Honorable Mentions—Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens

5. San Francisco 49ers

Pro Tip: Try to stay in your base defense as much as possible. The 49ers have an elite LB corps with speed to cover most TEs and RBs. They will also do a better job of tackling and rushing the QB than secondary players.

San Francisco is a great team for the possession-style player. They have a great running back, elite defense, and great special teams. If you are a patient player who likes to play solid defense and grind out wins, check out the 49ers. The 49ers have plenty of bulk on their defensive line and can stop the run without much additional support from the safeties. On the downside, if you fall behind early, you won’t have some of the weapons that other teams on the list possess. Look to speedy TE Vernon Davis if you need a big play, but he is best as a medium target. If you get into a shootout, you may increase your risk of turnovers. If you stay on the positive side of the turnover battle and can run for over 100 yards, you will have a great chance to win!

4. New York Giants

Pro Tip: The Giants lost power threat RB Brandon Jacobs in the off-season but have another weapon ready to go. Look for Da’Rel Scott and his elite speed to spell Ahmad Bradshaw

The Super Bowl champions are one of the most balanced teams in Madden NFL. One reason to select them as your squad is that they can generate pressure using only four rushers up front. If you use Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Jason Pierre-Paul, you are likely to get to the QB. This means you can keep more players in coverage to help against the pass. New York also has a solid QB who is proven to step up in big moments. On the outside, New York has explosive WRs who can break big plays if you get them the ball in space. If you’re playing against New York, look to attack the middle of the field. They lack elite speed in the middle, especially against star TEs. On offense, look to double the WRs on the outside and force their TEs to beat you. They might complete short passes to keep the chains moving but are unlikely to break a big play. This will keep the game short and the score close heading into the fourth quarter, when it’s anyone’s game!

3. Philadelphia Eagles

Pro Tip: Philly got new defensive additions to their playbook; make sure to check out the Nickel Wide 9!

The “dream team” was expected to be one of the best Madden NFL teams of all time last season. Despite a mediocre NFL season, Philly was a very popular online team. This year, they will continue to be one of the best teams for players who value a speed-based attack. RB LeSean McCoy exploded into the elite level of backs by scoring 17 TDs and receiving great agility and acceleration boosts. QB Mike Vick will continue to stress defenses with his legs and ability to throw the ball downfield. Philly also has DeSean Jackson, who is one of the most explosive playmakers at WR and on special teams. On defense, the Eagles’ pass rush really got after the QB from the DE position. The Eagles have an incredibly talented tandem at CB with Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. These athletes allow you to play multiple coverages, especially aggressive Cover 0s, to send more heat at the QB. To beat Philly, players must use size to slow down their offense and dedicate a defender to watch QB Mike Vick. Philly will once again be a hot team in Madden NFL 13 and one that can make any player better.

2. New Orleans Saints

Pro Tip: Most Saints’ users run RB Darren Sproles to rack up yards on the ground; however, RB Mark Ingram is capable of carrying the load and picking up big first downs to close out wins. He has a solid carry rating and won’t let you down in the big moments.

The Saints were an offensive machine last season with QB Drew Brees breaking the all-time single-season passing yardage mark. If you are a player who likes a nice accurate QB with big targets at WR, you must look at New Orleans. The tandem of Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham gives you a large window to throw the ball into since both can jump up and make catches most players can’t reach. These guys will dominate the middle of the field with their ability to catch in traffic. At RB, Darren Sproles not only can run the ball but is capable of turning a check-down route into a long TD. Sproles broke the all-purpose yardage mark for a single season and should be on the field for almost every offensive snap. The Saints can be vulnerable if the opponent is able to score with them on a consistent pace. The good news for New Orleans is that most teams are unable to keep it up for an entire game. The Saints defense is solid and almost always gets the one turnover it needs to close out wins. Make sure to put in Roman Harper at safety since he has great catch ability.

1. Green Bay Packers

Pro Tip: With Matt Flynn no longer at backup, make sure to slide with QB Aaron Rodgers and protect him!

Green Bay ran through the NFL last season with a 15-1 record. QB Aaron Rodgers took home the MVP and is the most well-rounded QB in Madden NFL 13. Rodgers is great due to his accuracy, and he adds an extra element with his ability to get out of the pocket and convert with his legs on third down. The Packers have a slew of WRs who all possess different abilities. WR Greg Jennings is the best all-around target while Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb can break the deep play. At TE Jermichael Finley gives Rodgers a nice safety valve over the middle that no LB can cover single-handedly. On defense, GB has a tremendous secondary that can give QBs nightmares. You have speedy players like CB Sam Shields and savvy veterans like Charles Woodson. At LB, Clay Matthews can come at the QB from any angle and will force many turnovers for your defense by hit sticks. For the pass-heavy player, the Packers don’t have a true weakness in Madden NFL 13. If you run with Green Bay, you are giving yourself the best chance to win!

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