Top 5 Teams in Madden NFL 25!

Top 5 Teams in Madden NFL 25

With all of the news surrounding Madden NFL 25, gamers are getting their hands ready to grab the game when it releases on August 27. While many gamers like to play with their favorite teams, others like to use the best team in the game. Here is a list of the Top 5 teams in our power rankings based on last year’s finishes and speculation of how Madden NFL 25 will play based on all of our insider information!

Honorable Mention: Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins

5. Minnesota Vikings. We already covered Adrian Peterson as our “#1 Player to Run Free with in Madden NFL 25”.

Adrian Peterson Madden 25 Rating

Strengths: Run Game, Clock Control

With the game taking a heavy focus on running the ball, you want to have the best possible player on your side. How many times have you hopped into an online game and matched up against someone who struggled to stop the run? Peterson is the guy that can make them pay. If you can manage QB Christian Ponder and mix in backup Joe Webb, the Vikings have a chance to stay on this list. The Vikings struggled at wideout in Madden NFL 13 but added super-reliable WR Greg Jennings to play outside. Although they lose Percy Harvin, they drafted another athlete in WR Cordarrelle Patterson. If he can pick up some of Harvin’s versatility, the Vikings will be in good shape for Madden NFL 25.

Pro Tip: Control the clock with the running game to make up for an average defense.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Strengths – Balance, Vertical Passing Game

Joe Flacco proved he was elite last season and led the Ravens to the Super Bowl title. He not only earned himself millions of dollars, but likely a boost in his Madden NFL 25 rating. Helping him out on offense will be one of the best all-around backs in the NFL, Ray Rice. Rice is a great weapon out of the backfield on screen passes and should have some of the best moves in the game. Make sure to use the precision move modifier to slow up and stay behind your blockers while the screen gets set up. The more you can get the defense to focus in on Rice, the easier it will be to use Flacco’s great arm strength to connect with WR Torrey Smith downfield. On defense, the Ravens have some new faces but should be much younger. If CB Lardarius Webb can recover from injury, he is a great leader who plays well against the run.

Pro Tip: The Ravens have great special teams, led by Jacoby Jones – try to get him into the open field and let his speed change games.

3. Green Bay Packers

Strengths – Passing Game, Defensive Hit Power

Aaron Rodgers is considered the best QB in the game by our standards. His ability to throw downfield consistently matches up with QBs like Brady and Manning; however, he has just enough speed to burn the defense. If your opponent likes to play heavy man coverage, look to break the pocket with Rodgers and scramble for a first down. Green Bay has always had a top-tier passing game, but this year they add in two rookie HBs in Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin. Lacy will bring great balance on early downs with Franklin being a great change-of-pace back on 3rd down. On defense, Green Bay is loaded with talent at the LB position. When your opponent gets into a 3rd and long situation, unleash Clay Matthews and Nick Perry off the edge!

Pro Tip: Randall Cobb is a dynamic player not only in the return game, but also on WR screens.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Strengths – Defensive Depth, Power Run Game

Seattle went out this off-season and earned their spot on this list. They acquired WR Percy Harvin in a trade and also signed some key pieces for their defense. Gamers who like a power back will benefit from new moves like the stiff arm, which can be used to knock back defenders or string out runs depending on how it is used. In Madden NFL 25, a back like Marshawn Lynch can truly go beast mode, as he will have plenty of moves he can pull off! On defense, Seattle has tons of playmakers. Their secondary is known to catch everything, so be ready to run free on defense.

Pro Tip: QB Russell Wilson has the ability to get free with his legs. Test the defense early to make them commit defenders to spy the QB.

1. San Francisco 49ers

Strengths – Offensive Line, Run Game Balance, Defensive Front 7

The 49ers prove once again that defense is the most valuable thing in the Madden NFL series. They regain their top spot from last season, powered by the all-new Force Impact System. This is going to allow their talented LB corps to lay even more crushing hits than last season. For gamers who are fearing all of the new run-free moves, SF should be the ultimate counter! On the other side of the ball, the 49ers should have one of the most interesting playbooks in the game. QB Colin Kaepernick gives your offense an edge; he is able to either hand off or keep the ball for himself if the defense overcommits. For gamers who are looking to rack up wins, the 49ers are no doubt the best team in Madden NFL 25!

Pro Tip: Target WR Anquan Boldin in the red zone; he has a great ability to hang onto catches that are thrown into traffic.

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  1. The only legitimate teams on this list are Seahawks and the Falcons, which you have as honorable mention. The others are laughable. Denver should have been 1. Seahawks 2. Texans 3. Falcons 4. The rest are top ups.
    If it's like NCAA, i'm gonna be a happy balla with my Eagles. McCoy and Vick running read option, DJack/Maclin catching balls with TEs Celek and James Casey. That's a ton of weapons right there that rival any other team in Madden imo. Defense will be a challenge but it's better than last year's team, just need a solid base D and work it from there.

    AP's stats out the box scare the crap out of me! either have the Vikings or avoid their division!
    I just pray they haven't over powered the run.

    I'd take the Giants every time, I'm not saying they are a top 5 team in Madden but they look to have a wicked passing game next season. They just need good LBs and more reliable CBs
    I remember the feeling of my Steelers being a top five team, players backing out to mot play you and all.. LoL come to think of it being a top five team accually sucks!! But being average with a good philosophy is accually better!!
    I know that I will be facing the 49ers and seahawks alot since they are in my division Welp I don't care I am going to be using my cardinals win or lose in all of my ranked matches no matter what team they pick
    Thanks for making me re-live the Ray Rice run against me...But GG Farls, playing you on TWIM was the highlight of my Madden 13 season. Can't wait for August 28!
    the addition of the rookie safety (Reid) and Boldin from the Ravens makes them soooo good. Thats two guys with elite CIT.

    The loss of Ginn and Moss is a bit alarming because they no longer have the top notch speed guy and the top notch user catch guy.

    Moss was HUGE for the 49ers last season

    I imagine I will most likely use sets with the 49ers that look something like this...

    Vernon Davis
    LaMichael James
    easily the most surprising thing on this list is the Vikings, but thats because of the ability of one Adrian Peterson.

    Run free is no joke this year. Get up to speed with your run free ability and harness the power that is AP.