Where Will Tim Tebow Play in Madden NFL 25?

What team does Tim Tebow play for in Madden NFL 25? The current answer is none; however, most NFL fans don’t seem to care. Tebow was cut from the Jets today, just days after they selected QB Geno Smith in the draft. While Tebow is grabbing headlines on ESPN, many Madden gamers are wondering where he will be next season.

Tebow Madden 25 Team Rating

Why is Tebow an important Madden player?

Tebow is more of a power runner, and his average accuracy doesn’t make him appealing as a starting QB. What Tebow does bring to the table, though, is a package of plays known as “Jet Heavy” (formerly Bronco Heavy).

These “Heavy Packages,” including the Gun Heavy Panther, are very effective ways to pick up short yardage, and are dominant in the red zone. Whichever team picks up Tebow would likely add this package to their playbook and give themselves an edge. Almost one full year ago, SGibs broke down how to use Tebow and these packages; those strategies ring true today and perhaps will in Madden NFL 25!

Here is a free scheme from CBallard showing just how good the “Jet Heavy” offense can be in Madden!

Where will Tebow sign for Madden 25? Leave it in the comments with your favorite Jet Heavy Pass Play Adjustments! 


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0 thoughts on “Where Will Tim Tebow Play in Madden NFL 25?

  1. He went to high school rite outside of Jacksonville, FL.. he’s arguably the best college football player ever. I say his talents belong in the state of Florida where he will be a Jaguar.

  2. Where I want him to play: Jacksonville or Tampa Bay
    Where he’ll probably end up: New England or Tampa Bay
    So he should go to Tampa Bay and beat out Josh Freeman

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