Why the Patriots Run a Madden NFL 13 Offense

Speak My Language - Chris Brown

It’s late in the first quarter. A play ends, and seconds later Tom Brady has his team back at the line. He gives a hand signal to his receiver, a tap to his offensive linemen. “Alabama! Alabama!” The ball is snapped. An outlet pass goes to Stevan Ridley, who rumbles to the Houston 40-yard line, another first down. Subs run in. Soon, the Patriots are back at the line. Except now, running back Shane Vereen is lined up out wide. The Texans are scrambling. Brady takes the snap and hits Vereen on a quick hitch. Vereen dips around linebacker Bradie James and then spins back inside, gaining 25 yards before he’s done.


I would love if you would take the time to click the above link and read the amazing article written by Chris Brown. I will still be here waiting once you return.

Think about the top Madden NFL 13 players you have faced. What is the #1 correlation between their success and the New England Patriots?


In the real NFL the Patriots are able to run more plays and do it with more efficiency than any other team in NFL history. They can do this because of simplicity, running the same plays and concepts from different formations. Why is this effective? It allows the quarterback to make the same exact read every snap no matter the formation.

Let’s think about the core foundation of what we teach here at Madden Tips.

The 5 Sets for Success

  • 3-Headed Rushing Attack – the ability to run left, middle, and right from the same formation
  • Quick Pass – used to attack blitzing defenses
  • Man Beaters – these are compressed formations and specific route combinations, such as zigs, drags, and pick routes
  • Zone Beaters – trips and bunch sets; for example, route flooding
  • Base Play – a specific play to come out in that gives you the same reads every play

In Madden Tips we teach to perfect the no-huddle offense and to use the above audibles for specific situations.

The idea is to come out in your base play. The base play gives you the ability to see the defense for what it is. You are giving yourself the same presnap read offensively on each play. That way when your opponent makes changes to the defense you will notice them no matter how slight they might be. The base play uses the same passing concepts from the same formation, which helps YOU, the quarterback, to have the same read on every single passing attempt (similar to the Patriots, eh?).

The audibles come into play when you are looking to attack one specific defense. Is your opponent trying to defend your 4WR spread offensive attack? Simply check down to your three-headed rushing attack and pound the rock on them until they switch out.

Is the defense looking to play a bend-but-don’t-break defense? Move on to your zone-beating formation and light them up on one side of the field.

While there might be differences in the names of plays and how they are drawn up, the underlying strategy is the same.

Speed kills. The 5 Sets for Success allow you to be one step ahead of your opponent, forcing them to be quick on their feet. The Patriots use simplified terminology to be quick while we use specific audibles to attack our opponent.

Think about it.


P.S. Take a peek at this Peyton Manning article (simplicity is the ultimate complexity)

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